Federico Sutera is an italian freelance photographer....
Federico Sutera is an italian freelance photographer.
His main work is focused on documentary projects as well as commercial commissions (events, portrait, corporate).
He is contributor of Parallelo Zero photo agency.
His work has been published internationally, in such magazines as: L'Espresso, Io Donna, DerSpiegel, Bauwelt, Geo, Le Courrier, Condenast, L’Illustrè amongst many others. 

"The photographic medium allows me to express myself and work in multiple contexts with people of different religions, races, languages and cultures, mainly focusing my research on social issues.
Therefore, to me anthropology and photography go hand in hand: images are a tool of expression but also an instrument of investigation.
My research projects mainly focus on humans as individuals, but also on humans as members of a community in constant interaction with the environment around them.
It is the people who collectively change and shape their surroundings. And vice versa. Our surroundings shape us in the same way we shape our surroundings to suit our own needs." 


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Federico Sutera Photography

Federico Sutera is an italian freelance photographer based in Venice. His main work is focused on documentary projects and fine art prints.
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